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Sombras luxury condominiums blend modern living with the tropical landscape of Playa del Coco.

Designed by noted Costa Rican firm Zurcher Arquitectos to reflect the native architecture of the region, Sombras boasts clean lines, stucco and wood siding; a few of many Guanacaste architecture elements. The result? Architecture that blends with the surrounding landscape and is true to the heritage of Costa Rica.

Take in the beauty of Playa del Coco, one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. The beach is tucked in a bay with little surf and defined by its gray sands that stretch for three kilometers. Playa del Coco boasts several recreational activities, including sport-fishing, boat tours and diving.

Casual elegance defined by clean lines, stucco, overlapped wood siding and large overhanging roofs providing protected outdoor living space. Architecture with its roots in the heritage of the Guanacaste area. Simple in form, but complex in nature. Blurring the lines between building and environment. Colors and materials evolving from the surrounding land. Lush landscaping providing visual barriers and privacy.

  • Rentals from: $200 a night
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$215,000 - $350,000

Rental Rate: 200+ per night

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