• Beach Front, Pools, Clubhouse, Dining, Market, Water Sports, Fitness

Rancho Santana is a world-class resort and residential community located on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua.

It boasts 2,700 acres of rolling hills and two miles of rocky and dramatic shore, broken up by five distinct beaches nestled in their own hideaways. Make the Ranch your home, visit for a stellar vacation, or host a special event.

Tucked between the vast Pacific and immense Lake Nicaragua, Rancho Santana has the distinction of being one of the only isthmuses on the entire Pacific Ocean. An isthmus is defined as a strip of land that is bordered on both sides by water, yet connected on each end by land. This rare geographical phenomenon gives the Ranch nearly constant breezes.

These breezes are an enjoyment all their own, but also create some of the world’s most vertical waves, providing both visual drama as well as world-class surfing.

Rancho Santana provides both resort amenities for vacationers and special group occasions as well as residential options for those seeking a second home in the sun and/or investing in emerging markets. Visitors will enjoy stunning ocean, mountain, and valley views from countless spots.

The residential component of the project is dispersed throughout the various sections of the property which have been strategically plotted for maximum scenery and privacy.

  • Rentals from: $299 a night

Rancho Santana

$40,000 - $1,500,000

Rental Rate: 299+ per night

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