• Volcano View, Pool, Security

Condo Hotel Xalteva is the first of it’s kind in Granada. It combines timeless colonial design with modern conveniences.

Condo Hotel Xalteva was the first condominium project in the colonial city of Granada, Nicaragua. Located in the residential Xalteva neighborhood, the condos have views of the Mombacho volcano and the city and are located within walking distance of the historic Central Park.

Founded in 1524, Granada enjoys the distinction of being the oldest colonial city in the Americas.

Condo Hotel Xalteva consists of eight 2-bedroom, 2-bath, 1060 sq.ft units arranged over two floors. The condos come fully equipped and appointed with authentic Nicaraguan furnishings.

Common areas include: large pool, patio, palapa gathering place with parking and 24-hour security.

Located in the safe residential neighborhood of Xalteva, the name “Xalteva” (pronounced “al-TAY-vah”), refers to the original indigenous peoples who were in Granada before the Spanish Conquest. Built in 2007, by visionary/founder/president D. Jay Snyder they are the first available condominiums in this beautiful colonial city of Granada whose mission is, “To create and provide comprehensive comfort, valute and lifestyle options to all guests and visitors whether it be for a transit traveler or a lifelong resident” through, “high quality attention to details, customer service, employee training and development and support of the local culture and environment.”

It is a unique oasis of graceful archways and scenic balconies along with a peaceful garden area where one can pass the time swinging in a hammock. Upon entering the property, through a set of locally handcrafted wooden doors, one is greeted by friendly English speaking staff, a beautiful pool and cascading fountains. Start your morning under the palapa bar with a cup of regional coffee, fresh bread and exotic fruits.

  • Rentals from: $78 a night

Condo Hotel Xalteva

$150,000 - $180,000

Rental Rate: 78+ per night

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